Monday, February 22, 2010

Who let the dogs out?

Very true letter in Tot Sant Cugat (in fact, I can hear the dogs barking in the distance as I type). We have been extremely lucky with our selection of neighbors in that respect. They might not talk to us beyond hello and goodbye, but at least they don't have a dog.

I'm not sure about the writer's suggestion of dog education (especially for older dogs), but I think five years in prison might do the trick.
Hace 10 anos que, buscando tranquilidad, nos trasladamos a vivir a Can Rabella (Mira-sol).

Hace 10 anos que estamos soportando, como podemos, el ruido casi permanente de los ladridos de los perros de algunos vecinos (bastantes).

A las 6.30 h de la mañana empiezan a sacar a los perros de paseo, guau, guau, guau. A las 7.30 h, guau guau, guau, a las 8.30 h, a las 9.00 h, guau, guau, guau.

Luego se van los denos a trabajar, a pasar el día fuera o de vacaciones y dejan a los perros en los jardines todo el día. Cuando llega el cartero, guau, guau, guau. Cuando llegan los jardineros, guau, guau, guau, cuado llega el barrendero, guau, guau, guau. A las 19.30 h, a las 20.00 h, a las 21.00 h, a las 22.00 h, paseada de perros guau, guau, guau (en verano se prolongan los paseos hasta las 24.00 h y más horas).

Este celestial música es la que escuchamos y sufrimos los vecinos que no tenemos perro, especialmente los de la calle Valldura y Pompeu Fabra, pasando por la calle Zaragoza, Joan Corominas etcétera etcétera, que es el área donde vive la que escribe. Que se puede hacer? Educar. Educar a los parros a que solo ladren cuando los ataquen o entren desconocidos en sus viviendas. Pero, sobre todo, educar a los dueños para que respeten la tranquilidad de sus vecinos. Este tema sería impensable que ocurriera en cualquier otro país de Europa…. Se lo aseguro yo, que he vivido varios anos en Francia y en Reno Unido.

Maria C
For the non-Spanish speakers out there:

10 years ago, seeking peace, we moved to live in Can Rabella (Mira-sol).

For 10 years we have had to stand the almost constant noise of barking dogs from neighbors and have had enough.

At 6.30am in the mornings the dogs go for a walk, woof, woof, woof. At 7.30am, woof woof, woof, 8.30am, 9.00am, woof, woof, woof.

Then the owners leave for the day to go to work or vacation and leave their dogs in the gardens all day. When the mailman arrives, woof, woof, woof. The gardeners, woof, woof, woof, the street sweeper, woof, woof, woof. At 7:30pm, at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, the dogs go woof, woof, woof (summer walks are extended until midnight and later).

This is the heavenly music we hear and suffer as neighbors that have no dog, especially on Carrer Valladaura and Pompeu Fabra, continuing on Saragossa, Joan Corominas etc, which is the area where this writer lives. What can you do? Educate. Educate dogs to bark only when attacked or when strangers enter their homes. Above all, educate owners to respect the tranquility of their neighbors. This problem would be unthinkable in any other country in Europe as I have lived several years in France and the UK.

I'll leave it to the experts to determine whether her use of the Spanish versions of the street names suggests PP tendencies.


Charles Butler said...

I'll give her some credit. Why bother with symbols of a distinct culture when there is nothing in the people's behaviour that distinguishes at all them from the rest of Spain?

The dog problem is identical in Andalucia profunda.

Anonymous said...

Reading through your blog (very interesting!) I came across your entry on the letter I wrote about dogs in the Tot Sant Cugat. I really appreciate that someone read it and commented on it. It's a pity that most of the neighborhood doesn't take any notice of this problem, and only some of us who have lived abroad acknowledge it.

As I write this, dogs are still barking...

santcugat said...

That's too funny! The worst dogs are the ones that are silent and ambush you when you walk by.

Well, there are some products that might help you, like the Dog Silencer Pro, but there is some controversy about whether they really work.

If you got really creative you could spray some kind of mosquito attracting liquid on the dogs and eliminate two problems at the same time...