Thursday, February 25, 2010

Traffic accidents

For some reason, traffic accidents were on my mind today, so I was a bit surprised when I went for lunch today to find a car lying upside down on the road near our garage entrance and another crashed against a brick wall next to it.

The ambulance driver was standing there having a cigarette, so I assume nothing really bad happened. I thought about taking a picture, but it seemed kind of rude.

When I came back, everything was gone except for the broken glass, bits of car and various fluid stains. I think that intersection could really use a stop sign... many of people don't seem to realize that just because you don't have a sign, doesn't mean the other guy has one. I wonder how well four-way stops would work here.


Josh said...

Four-way stops would probably work about as well as traffic lights and the signs prohibiting smoking on train platforms. Laws here aren't considered part of a social pact, rather a way to generate income. Until the hypothetical 4-way stop becomes a media priority and compliance starts getting policed, people would just ignore them.

santcugat said...

Actually stopping is obviously too much to hope for... "look both ways" would still be an improvement over the status quo.