Monday, January 4, 2010

Your first mistake was trying to follow the law

Pretty amazing story those homes being torn down in Almeria.

So only 11 building licenses were issued in Albox since 2001 (of which 8 were invalidated after the houses were built), but if you look at Google maps, it's obvious that much much more has been built since then. For real amusement, compare the satellite view to the catastral records.

Guess who gets screwed when the government decides to make a point about urban sprawl? The people who built illegally? Nope. The poor suckers who actually made the effort to build their house legally.

Something to keep in mind when living in societies that are not law and order oriented. By creating a paper trail, you make it easier for the government to pick on you. Thus the consequences of completely ignoring the law are often less severe than the consequences of following the law incorrectly (no points awarded for effort).

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Charles Butler said...

It's actually worse than that. If you try to do things by the book, you'll find that the rules have been so over-engineered to prevent abuse that it is near impossible to do what you want. You're almost always better off giving the authorities the negative option.