Sunday, January 31, 2010

Watch out for the mosquitoes!

Today I kill my first mosquito. It was obviously a bit confused and disoriented, since my usual kill rate hovers just about 0%.

Sant Cugat is the tiger mosquito capital of Spain. If mosquitoes like to bite you, STAY THE HELL AWAY!

They wait outside the door and pounce the moment you leave the house. Last summer my kids looked like they had measles from all the bites.

At least they aren't carrying any disease yet.


Tom Clarke said...

That's ominous news. Cerdanyola (understandably, since we're just next door) has a similar problem with the buggers. One of the only good things about the winter here is the many good nights' sleep obtained during the sin-Mosquito season.

santcugat said...

I went crazy last year and made mosquito screens for all the windows.

Maybe I should do a post on mosquito screen construction tips...

There was only one thing that made them suboptimal. If you know of a place that sells rolls of mosquito net that are wider than 1.2 meters, please let me know.