Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar and China

Small consolation to the people about to get their homes bulldozed here in Spain. At least they don't live in China:

BEIJING: The bull-dozers await at the gates. An evil corporation sends its guards, using every possible threat to move the residents from their land. But all resistance is futile. The people watch in horror, as their homes get torn down to rubble and they are forced to relocate.


This also happens to be the plotline of James Cameron’s epic blockbuster film ‘Avatar,’ which opened in China last week and has seemingly taken the country by storm.


The resonance was so deep that some film critics here dismissed the plot-line as “too common.” “Some Chinese movie critics think that while the movie is not bad, parts of the plot were too mundane,” the popular and controversial writer Han Han said. “I completely disagree, because brute-force eviction is unimaginable for audiences in other countries because they think that it can only happen on alien planets. Or in China.”


The only difference between Mr. Cameron’s film and land conflicts in China, cinema-goers said, was the plot’s denouement.

“The humans actually failed to successfully evict and demolish [the aliens]?,” one blogger wrote. “Truly embarrassing. Why didn’t they send China’s chengguan [security guards] there?”

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