Friday, December 11, 2009

Garbage here, garbage there, garbage everywhere!

When I first came to Spain, I spent a bit too much time in Madrid. There I become familiar with the "gravity is your garbage can" philosophy here in Spain. This is a very strange contrast to the Spanish bodily and in-home cleanliness that rivals any german putzfrau. Not only that, but it's really the governments job to pick it up, which they might if I could be bothered to actually pay my taxes, but that's neither here nor there...

Here in Catalunya, unfortunately, differentiating from Madrid does not include picking up your garbage, or even making a half-hearted attempt at aiming at a garbage can. The grass in front of our school is littered with old Actimels, newspapers, etc. Reminds me a bit of that Oscar the grouch song.

Just for fun I suggested to one of the teachers that they should organize the kids to pick up some of the trash. Absolute horror! Child abuse! Besides, she said, the little strip of grass in front of the school is owned by the government, so it's not their job to pick up anything there.

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