Sunday, December 27, 2009

English loan words in Spanish

As bad as the American reputation for pronouncing foreign words, it's definitely surpassed here in Spain. If you come here from the US, you need to re-learn your English pronunciation in order for people to know what the hell you are talking about.

My favorite experience so far is asking in a pharmacy for Vics Vapor Rub. No one seemed familiar with it, so I described what it is, and all of a sudden a light went on.

"Ah! beeks bapor rue! beeks bapor rue!"

It's quite well known here apparently. But you have to pronounce it as if it was a Spanish word.


mondraussie said...

levis, nike and fairy are just a few of my favourites... and don't get me started on band names... took me ages to figure out who the hell that famous band called "ube dos" were! and my all-time favourite "loan word" is that famous activity where people move their way around a park at a speed faster than walking called "footing"...

santcugat said...

Thanks! A friend was talking about footing the other day and it completely went over my head.

Makes sense though... trying to pronounce "jogging" would probably make their heads explode.

Time get a coffee with a moofin or maybe a donoot.