Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dentists in Sant Cugat

Going to the dentist is a new experience here. If you go every six months (like you are supposed to in the US), they look at you as if you are some kind of clean freak. People here go maybe once a year.

You pretty much have to tell them to do the cleaning, fluoride, etc or they won't do it.

Then there is no "hygienist". The dentist actually cleans your teeth! Wow! I always thought it was a bit unfair that the dentist in the US comes wandering in after the hygienist does all the work and looks at your teeth for about 10 seconds.

Back in the US I always got a long speech about how my flossing was terrible, etc. I never seem to actually get cavities which annoyed the hygienists to no end. No speech. Maybe people here have very bad teeth and I'm now above average now.

Then they didn't even want to charge me. I don't quite get the business model.

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