Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13

Looks like all the nationalists are getting excited about the upcoming "referendum". At first I thought December 13 was some Catalan national holiday that I had forgotten about. Maybe celebrating some famous Catalan military defeat. Unfortunately it's been pretty much downhill for Catalunya since the kingdom of Aragon.

The separatists wouldn't be so annoying if they just stopped whining for a couple minutes. If I hear one more apocryphal sob story about some friend-of-a-friend who went to Madrid and had people say mean things to him I'm going to puke. People in Madrid are generally rude on principle (a lot like New Yorkers), so get over it.

Just to be clear: I totally support the right for Catalunya (or any other reasonably sized place) to have a referendum on separation, since I support the democratic right of people to be governed in a way they wish. However, I don't support referendums with a vague question (like the one today), and I wish that Spain would pass a law like the Canadian Clarity Law. It sets a strict set of conditions to what a referendum to separate would look like (especially the wording of the question).

After the law got passed, support for full independence pretty much dried up, since the separatists realized that they could never win a referendum on a clear question.

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