Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almost getting beat up in Canaletes

A very strange evening. We went to see a nice concert in Barcelona last night. Outside we could hear various explosions (I hope they were fireworks) celebrating Barca's victory in the mundialito. Ok, it wasn't exactly Sarajevo.

On the way back to the FGC in Placa Catalunya, we noticed some Mosso riot-mobiles parking nearby. Hey, we're two law abiding citizens, nothing to fear, right? Hey, wait a sec, are those mossos over there as well with the riot shields and batons?

This was the scene (you can see us walking by blissfully at about 30 sec):

We were lucky to make it to the metro before getting beat up, but it was definitely an experience. Being between a (large) group of riot geared police and a (small) group of drunks yelling "hijos de puta" was a bit worrying (one of the guys yelling at the police was with there with his wife and kids, doesn't seem too smart).

I was expecting more Catalan swearing (since it seemed like a Catalan-on-Catalan kind of confrontation), but from what I hear from my Catalan friends, Catalan is not as good as Spanish for yelling at people. I remember one parent who said that she only talks to her kids in Castellano when she's mad at them.


I love AdSense and how it put an ad for the "Vols ser Mossos d'Esquadra" next to this post.

Later update:

The news reports the next day said there were "no incidents", just the normal police presence. Ok, whatever you say.

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