Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Catalan Language Police

You know it's a bad sign when you live somewhere that has a language police. Did you know that stores get fined if they don't have all their signage in Catalan? It's even gotten to the point where you get a fine if someone walks into your store and you don't have anyone who speaks Catalan on staff to help them.

The new education law goes even further and tries to deputize kids into reporting any instance of Spanish usage that might be happening at school. There are even schools that try to forbid any Spanish being spoken in the playground.

Culturally, the government has a blanket prohibition on funding anything not in Catalan. We went to play the other day (Pinocchio), which of course was in Catalan. Pepito Grillo (Jiminy Cricket) comes on stage and explains that from now on, he will be known as Pep el Grill, because otherwise he wouldn’t get any money from the government.

All the parents cracks up.

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