Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catalans and the constitution

The press here is going crazy about the upcoming constitutional tribunal judgment. Any day now they will pass judgment on the constitutionality of the Catalan constitution.

I've talked to Catalans who have told me that they wish that Spain was more like the US, with a federal government with limited powers. Usually it takes me a couple minutes to stop laughing and try to explain that Catalunya significantly more independence than any state in the US has from its federal government.

My gut feeling is that the Catalan nationalist parties are really hoping for a defeat from the TC (Constitutional Tribunal) so that they can whip up their followers in a righteous fury and help them in the upcoming election. The nationalists would love people to forget about all the corruption that's been exposed lately and focus on such unimportant issues about such as whether or not the Catalan statute can refer to the bat as the "national" bird (Ok, I made that one up, but they really love bats here).

To be fair, the PP has had all kinds of amusing corruption scandals at the national level and is now in full circular-firing-squad mode, but for some reason, corruption allegations don't seem to hurt right wing parties.

PS. On a somewhat related note, the Felix Millet caganer rocks!

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